[ notes ]

I started this story at the point I did because at the time I didn't feel like writing out all previous information that occured before the onset of chapter 1. So everyone knows, the lead female character, Morgan, and her family, grew up and lived in Tulsa with the Hanson family since Walker and Diana and Morgan's parents were college friends, and so they incidentally moved in next to each other. Moving along, they both had children around the same age - Taylor and Morgan. Of course Walker and Diana had six more kids, but Morgan's parents didn't. When Hanson became popular they moved from Tulsa to a small city in Ohio called Parma, to seclude themselves and try to live relatively normal lives away from the papparatzi when they weren't touring. No one knew of their move. It was hard for both Morgan and Taylor, as well as the rest of the Hanson family. The story starts with Morgan taking a trip to Ohio to visit Taylor and the rest of the Hanson family a year after they moved from Tulsa.