[ chapter 1 ]

After an hour long turbulent plane ride, the pilot of the flight from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Cleveland announced the arrival to the airport in Ohio. Morgan felt her stomach turn as the lyrics to “MMMBop” danced around in her head, but she took a deep breath and tried to imagine what it would be like when she was finally able to see Taylor again, as well as the whole Hanson family. After the plane had situated at the gate, Morgan stood and put on her backpack, which proudly had “I am in the MOE” written on the front, and slowly excited the plane.

Morgan expected to see Taylor and the whole entourage of Hanson’s right out in the open waiting for her when she exited the plane, but as she looked around she realized the idea would have been completely ridiculous, and no one was to be seen. She nervously wandered around the gate until she saw Taylor waiting at the gate next to hers, and a very different looking Walker and Diana sipping coffee in a nearby cafe. As Morgan approached Taylor, they noticed her and waved. Morgan grinned at Diana who had a short bob cut and Walker with a mustache free face. She waved back and crossed her arms in front of her chest as she wandered over to Taylor. He turned around as she neared him, and she gave him a weak and shy, yet relieved smile. He looked nearly exactly the same, except for his Abercrombie and Fitch hat and baggy jeans worn as a disguise, which comforted Morgan. She accepted his open arms and silently took in a long breath. Taylor released seconds later and greeted her.

“Hey Snooks,” he smiled, referring to one of their childhood nicknames.

“You’re at the wrong gate, Sherlock,” Morgan replied, stuffing her cold hands in her overall pockets. She gave him a nervous laugh and a playful punch in the arm as he said,

“I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t want all those people over there to happen to recognize me. My parents get really worried about that; we haven’t had the best of experiences in airports before.” He laughed.

Morgan laughed too and said, “Even in good old Parma people notice you guys?” as they began walking to the cafe Taylor’s parents were at.

“Even in Parma. Which makes me wonder why we ever left Tulsa,” Taylor repeated as a teenage girl eyed him suspiciously as she passed them. “See?” He laughed. “Well, not as bad as it would be in Tulsa, anyway. Some people are just too awestruck to say anything - not to be modest or anything,” Taylor laughed as they greeted his parents.

“I understand,” Morgan smiled and nodded as she gazed at Diana’s outstretched arms as she and Walker neared them. Morgan accepted Diana’s embrace, and then moved next to Walker who gave her a big hug.

“Okay you can give me my best friend back now, Dad. I’ve only had to wait 365 days to be able to see her again.” Taylor laughed.

“382 days and 12 hours,” Morgan smiled and put her arm around Taylor as they began walking to the baggage claim area.

The two best friends walked behind Cynthia and Joe Brown, and a tingle rushed up Morgan’s spine each time their hands brushed against each other. Taylor looked over at Morgan and she looked back, laughed shyly and looked back ahead. It was hard for her to grasp the fact that she was walking next to Taylor Hanson, one third of the famous pop trio, Hanson. She tried telling herself that it was the same old Taylor, but a feeling in her stomach said that it wasn’t, and that their relationship wasn’t nearly the same as it was a year ago, either. Taylor leaned behind Morgan and wrapped his arms around her neck and staggered behind her for a few feet and said,

“Gosh, I missed you. We have so much to talk about and catch up on.” He released his grasp and put one of his arms around her shoulder.

“No kidding, Sherlock,” Morgan replied and quickened her pace so they would catch up with Taylor’s parents.

On the hour long car ride to the Hanson’s new home in Parma, Ohio, conversation never ceased. Morgan desperately wanted to be able to get to Taylor’s new house so they could really talk; not about the weather back home in Tulsa or how her family was, but about Taylor and Morgan. So much had gone on since they had last seen each other before Taylor and his family moved. Hanson became one of the most popular teenage bands and had produced a world tour and several CD’s. The more Morgan thought about it, the more she realized that this Taylor had changed a lot from a year ago when they were just getting started in the business, and there was a different side to him than just her childhood best friend. Although Taylor and his family kept in constant contact with Morgan, and his secret AOL account allowed him to chat with her almost everyday, Morgan knew there was more going on in his life and his brothers’ than she knew about. Along with all of these other factors, Morgan desperately wanted to know how he felt about her now that they were both a year older and wiser, and since they hadn’t physically seen each other in a year. Morgan knew she felt so much stronger for Taylor from being separated for a year, and the innocent hugs made her new feelings that she wasn’t accustomed to feeling; that she wouldn’t ordinarily have felt had they not moved. Morgan focused back to Taylor in the car as she heard him say,

“That’s the school we go to when we’re home just to get caught up on things. ‘Parma Academy.’ I like Sapulpa Academy more, don’t you?” He leaned towards her to point it out. Morgan laughed and peered at Taylor’s face and intensely studied his features, trying to determine whether or not he’d always had that bright of blue eyes or the cute freckle by his chin. She quickly nodded again before he realized she had been staring and him and asked,

“Does everybody go there? Gosh, I can’t wait to see all of them, and Zoe!” Morgan cried, instantly missing all of the close Hanson brothers and sisters. “How is she? I was so surprised and happy when I found out you were pregnant Diana.”

“Oh, she’s wonderful,” Taylor smiled. Then: “Avie will go there next school year, and Ike won’t have to but Zac, Jessie and I still will. Mackie’s too young yet,” Taylor explained. “Its a good school, right mom?”

“Better than your father and I?” Diana joked.

“Well its not as good as you guys and its not Sapulpa, but its okay.” He replied. After a few more minutes, the Hanson’s sedan rolled into a luscious, private neighborhood with gorgeous red brick houses.

“Wow, its even prettier than the pictures, Taylor!” Morgan exclaimed as they drove down into a cul-de-sac and into the driveway of a large two story house. “I’m never gonna want to leave.” Taylor and Morgan jumped out of the car and she retrieved her backpack from the trunk and ran to the backyard where she heard the other Hanson siblings playing. Taylor ran to catch up with her as his parents brought Morgan’s luggage into the house.

“Zackie!” Morgan screamed as she threw her arms around her twelve year old buddy who came running towards her. He graciously accepted her outstretched arms and she picked up Avie who came running over.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you guys,” she said as she smiled at Isaac who had wandered over with Mackie on his shoulders and gave Morgan a hug. Taylor wandered up and joined the circle of his brothers and sisters and Morgan and said,

“Well we’ve definitely missed you too, Morgan.”

Morgan held Avie’s hands and twirled her around as she held on tight with her legs grasped on to Morgan’s waist. Taylor watched her, admiring how happy everyone suddenly was, as Morgan thought the same thing.


Back inside, Morgan looked around the spacious new house and then followed Taylor and his dad up to his room. “I know you two aren’t going to want to leave each others sides or interact with us and your siblings, but you should at least show your faces for supper,” Walker said as he dropped of Morgan’s suitcase in Taylor’s room.

“We will,” Morgan said and gave him a hug, and he left. Taylor closed his bedroom door and turned around to face Morgan. They smiled at each other and simultaneously drew in for a long hug.

“I’m so nervous...I don’t quite know why. Its weird seeing you since I haven’t seen you in so long, and especially since you’re so famous now. Its weird knowing that I’m friends with you,” Morgan said into Taylor’s shoulder, somehow still being able to convey her emotions openly to him like she’d always been able to. She hoped it would last since there was so much they had to catch up on. “Best friends...” she added.

“I know you’re nervous...you’re tense. But you don’t have to be. I’m the same old Taylor,” he said and rubbed her back. They withdrew from their comforting hug moments later and Morgan said,

“Gosh Taylor, its been so long and all I could do on the way here was think about how I could possibly make two weeks fill the gap of a year.” She stuffed her hands in her pockets; a habit that featured whenever she was uncomfortable. “Half of me just wants to sit here and look at you since I can’t believe I’m actually finally here...and am able to be here. You guys lead quite the hectic life these days.”

“Oh gosh, I know Morgan. I’ve missed you so much you wouldn’t believe it, and everyone else misses you and your family too. Believe me, I think about you all the time and I haven’t forgotten about you. I was thinking you may be worried about that but I honestly am still the same and I still consider you my best friend. I always will.”

Morgan grinned and nodded, “I’m glad to hear you say that Taylor.” She followed him to the bottom bunk of his and Zac’s bunk beds and slouched under them to lay next to him on the bed. “There’s still so much we have to catch up on.”

But instead of saying anything, the two just lied next to each other until they were called down to supper.