dancing in the dark
[ chapter 7 ]

The morning came quickly, and awoke Morgan with sunlight streaming in from the small rectangular window beside the top bunk she occupied. She stretched and yawned, and then smiled as she recalled the tape she’d found the previous night. She took it out from under her pillow, examined it, feeling powerful from holding it. She dozed off into figurative dreamland, remembering the intimate moment she and Taylor shared the night before. Morgan silently leaned her head and looked down into the bottom bunk at Taylor. She heard a soft breathing coming from Taylor and saw a cascade of yellow hair over his pillow and knew he would be sleeping awhile yet, so she crawled to the end of her bed and pulled her Walkman out of her backpack than hung from the bedpost. Morgan quietly placed the tape in her tape player and pressed “play” as she gazed out the window.

Taylor’s song, appropriately titled “MORGAN,” began and sounded just as it had when he played it for her the night before. As the song ended, Morgan smiled into the sunlight, honored that such a beautiful song had been written for her, by her best friend. After Taylor’s song ended, she rewinded it and listened to it again. After it was over, she suddenly felt very confident and proud. She put the tape in its case and took off her earphones, and silently hopped down to the floor. She knelt beside Taylor’s bunk and then crawled into his bed and put her arm around his body. He rolled over to face her and smiled as he said,

“Hey...” Morgan rolled over on to her back and closer to Taylor in the small twin sized bed and he cuddled against her. “Did you find your tape?” He yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Morgan brought the tape to her face and smiled.

“Thank you, Taylor. It means a lot to me.” Taylor wrapped his arms around her waist and said,

“You’re welcome Morgan. Did you listen to it already?”

Morgan nodded and smiled into his chest as she closed her eyes. “I loved it,” she mumbled.

Taylor laughed and said, “What?!”

Morgan raised her head to face Taylor’s and said, “I loved it.” They looked at each other for a few moments, all smiles, and then Morgan leaned back into his pillow. “Gosh...” she said as a tear suddenly escaped her eyes. She rolled onto her back and Taylor supported his head with his right hand.

“Hey,” he laughed. “Why are you crying? I thought you were happy.”

Morgan found Taylor’s hand under the covers and lightly held onto them with her fingers. “I’m not sad,” she laughed. “Just kind of overwhelmed all of the sudden.”

“Cos of last night?”

“Yeah... Last night was perfect, you are perfect. It’s just kind of a lot all at once, yanno?”

Taylor nodded and said, “I know...”

Morgan continued, “Ever since I got here you’ve been nothing but reassuring and positive about our friendship and what is going on, and you’ve confessed so much to me about what you’re feeling. You wrote an amazing song for me. About me. You’ve done everything right and I’ve only been here two days.” Morgan paused. “But I haven’t really done anything that would ever begin to make you feel reassured. I don’t feel like I’ve given you anything.”

Taylor was silent for a moment and then knudged his hand under her chin. He ran his fingers across her cheek and said, “Aww, Morgan.” He turned her her face towards his as the attraction between them increased. For a split second Taylor thought about kissing Morgan lightly on the lips to reassure her of their relationship, but instead he quickly swallowed and said,

“Don’t -- don’t say that. You, you think I’m amazing but I’m just a regular person like you, and gosh Morgan, sometimes you don’t realize how special and amazing you yourself are. I didn’t even know if I was going to sing that song for you until I remembered what you said yesterday after we kissed.” Taylor smiled, which caused Morgan to blush.

“What?” she asked.

“You said that you were okay that it happened, and I knew from then on that we would be okay. Things between us would be okay, and I knew that we both felt the same way. You gave me the courage to leave Aubrey and sing that song to you. That song is yours, I wrote it for you...”

Morgan reached for some covers. “I know.”

“And Morgan, I know you. I know its been a year and despite everything that has gone on in my life, I know what your intentions are.”

Morgan looked back at Taylor. “I’m glad. It is just kind of overwhelming.” Taylor leaned into Morgan a she put her arms around him. A few seconds he realeased and grinned ridiclously at Morgan.

“What?” she smiled back, content that her relationship with Taylor was again progressing.

“I never told you, but you looked really pretty yesterday.” Morgan laughed, embarasssed. “I think I saw Jordie and Tyler checking you out." Morgan hid her blushing face, still not accoustomed to receiving such compliments from Taylor.

"So were you!" She blurted out.

"I was not," Taylor retorted, smiling, and wrapped his arm around her and hooked his hand within hers. Morgan turned her head to face him and rolled her eyes as their knees pressed up against each others, though neither deliberately moved. "Okay. Maybe I was." He grinned.

Morgan pulled herself away from Taylor's embrace and stretched as Taylor dragged himself out of bed. "I know you think I'm pretty hot too, Morg."

Morgan remembered their earlier conversation and grinned. "I'll get back to you," she said and wandered off towards the bathroom.

chapter eight